5 Ways to Save Money On Your Furniture Removal!

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Moving house can be a costly exercise, with so much involved relocating your precious belongings to a new residence, and the other associated moving costs. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the long list of things to do prior to moving day, even if it’s just to the next suburb. But with a little preparation and a few tips, you can save hundreds or even thousands of Rands.

So take time to consider these 5 easy steps to make moving house as cost-effective and easy as possible:


    1. De-clutter – Everyone has furniture and other items in their home they no longer use. Moving house is the perfect time to get organised and de-clutter your home. Sell and dispose of any unwanted items to arrive at your new abode feeling tidy, organised and stress-free. If you haven’t used an appliance, piece of furniture or an old picture frame in the last 12 months, there is a very good chance you won’t use it again. Save yourself the hassle and the added price of moving it with you to your new home, just sell or dispose of it. Both packing and unpacking will be made much faster and easier as a result too.
    2. Don’t go with the cheapest removalists – If you find one moving company provides a significantly lower price than others, there is probably a very good reason for this. Ensure you check their reputation and what is really included in the costs. Are they an accredited removal company? Are there any other additional costs? There is a good chance you will find hidden costs that will end up making your move a lot more than was initially quoted, such as paying to use protective covers or paying by the hour to suddenly realise the crew are moving very slowly! Accredited removalists will follow a strict Code of Conduct in all aspects of your move. This includes best practices for wrapping, packing and transporting of your precious possessions. Using a professional, accredited removal company will ensure that your precious furniture and valued possessions are in caring and capable hands, saving you a lot of money in the long-run. Ask for a fixed-price removal quote so you are not hit with unexpected extras on moving day.
    3. Insure your move – Most people insure their goods when they are safely sitting in their home doing nothing, but ask why they require insurance when their precious belongings are being handled, wrapped, moved and transported across the town, country or even the world! Did you know that professional removalists rarely damage goods when moving but almost 90% of accidents and damage are out of their control such as: road collision, train derailment, fire, flood, acts of God and more!! Insurance is for your peace of mind and a small investment in the scheme of a relocation. Ask your removalists consultant for a copy of the insurance Product Disclosure Statement to ascertain what is best for you.
    4. Plan ahead – Give yourself plenty of time to arrange a removalist. If you know that you are moving house in few months, don’t wait until a few days day beforehand to book a removalist. Jump online or start phoning removal companies to compare their services offerings, standards and costs. Leaving it too late could mean less availability and higher prices for the day and time slots you need. Further still, you might have to make do with a moving date that you didn’t actually want.
    5. Tell your removalist precisely what items you wish to move – Need to move any large or specialty items such as a piano, treadmill, safe, or pool table? Be sure to let your moving company know so that they can factor this into your moving costs and prepare the removal crew, equipment and vehicles on the day. If your removalists arrive on moving day and find out that there is something there that they cannot move, this may incur an additional charge for you and add time to the removal company to make arrangements for additional requirements, be sure to discuss special requirements with your Removal company beforehand.

As a remember we advise you use a professional, accredited removalists company such as those accredited by the The International Association of Movers (IAM). Execu–Move is a proud member of The International Association of Movers.

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