Housewarming gift ideas

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Gift giving is never an easy task, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a couple who’s moving in together. Here at Execu-move we know exactly how people feel after the moving process, which is why we have a good idea of what people need. So without further ado, here is our list of gift ideas for your next housewarming present.


Whether your friends are renting or buying, tools will be the most important items in the house, especially for those moving into their first home.


Wine bottles are on of the most common gifts. They are often used to celebrate the happy couple moving into their new home. However, the wine has to go into something, that’s where your gift will be greatly appreciated.


Adding plants to any house, helps make it a home. Potted plants are great additions to any house, and your friends will truly enjoy them.


Rid the house of paint and cardboard by giving your friends a great smelling gift. This will help them have a fresh start in their new living space.


The cutest couple gift is his and hers robes. They are ideal for lazy Sundays, and can even be personalised to match the couples personalities.


Giving each room a mood, sets the tone for every visitor that steps through the front door. What better way to set the tone than with emoji pillows


A hanging mirror is the perfect addition to any home. This multi-purpose item can be used to improve aesthetics of any room, or it can be used to check appearances before walking out the front door.


Moving can mess with a person’s schedule. Getting them a calendar can help them plan and prioritise their time together.


The best way to make a house feel like a home is by personalising the space with photos. The best place to put a memory or two is on the fridge. But make sure that you pure an awesome photo in the frame before wrapping it!


When a couple moves in together, they are combining two households into one. This might not sound bad, but could land up overwhelming the happy couple. The gift of space could be just what what they need, without even knowing it.


Cooking is a great way to get settled in a new home. A cookbook will help the creative juices to flow by giving new recipes and cuisine challenges for the aspiring chefs in their new home.

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