How to Make Moving Less Stressful

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Moving houses is a very busy and tedious process and success often is determined by your ability to multi task and tackle tasks in an organized manner. This is where the crucial skill of of time management is vital. Failure to correctly manage your time correctly can lead to disastrous results.
We have a simple solution for you: you need a personalized and prioritized checklist to keep you well organized and dedicated. Packing has got to be the most difficult of tasks when it comes to moving houses. We recommend setting up a good timeline for the tough task of packing for your move, this will help your move be as smooth and easy as possible.

Below is a general packing timeline to assist you with your move. You can use these ideas to create your ULTIMATE packing checklist.

4 Weeks Before Your Move
Its always a good idea to get started as soon as possible. One month, leaves you plenty of time to be well organized for a successful move. This should allow you to finish packing with enough time to remain organized and comfortable knowing you are ready.

The best words of advise from us is that you start your packing at least one month before your move. Some stuff that you can start packing and get out of your way are:

  • Any items that are out of season or that you know you will definitely not be using. These are normally clothes, shoes, accessories etc.
  • Special Equipment or Tools that need to be prepped for transportation such as sports equipment, power tools, lawn equipment etc.
  • You will not be in the mood to be looking through your collectables while preparing for your move, so these can also be packed. Pack all your collectables such as dolls, art collections, coins, stamps, plastic modals, figurines etc. (You might want to pay special attention to these as they are normally fragile).

3 Weeks Before Your Move
Now that you have taken care of the pre-packing, you can move your attention towards the items that are not going to be a necessity for you and your family within the next few weeks.

Its doubtable that during this busy moving period, you will not have time to read books. Even if you do manage to find some time to read. Don’t pack your two favorite books away.
All of your spare bedding such as sheets, blankets, pillow cases, spare towels and table clothes can be packed as you are not going to need this until you have moved. Do you own a collection of CDs, DVDs or BLUERAYs? You can pack this collection aside in boxes. Similar to books, you will not have the time to enjoy them.

As most may know, the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to pack safely. Pack the items in your kitchen that you know you wont need until you have moved. Any extra sets of crockery and or utensils.

2 Weeks Before Your Move
Many people may think that two weeks may be enough time to pack. This is when then time start flying by. Now is the time to start packing the things in your household that you you do not use often. You cannot afford to waist any time during this period.

If you have little one (children), then you would need to start getting their toys/games ready for moving. Allow your little ones to keep 1 or 2 of their favorites and pack the rest. This is when you start packing your office desk, jewelry (items that you don’t wear often). Its advice that you don’t leave jewelry for the last minute.

1 Week Before Your Move
It is during this period most people start to panic and become stressed. Its basically time to move out. To ensure that you are sticking to your packing timeline, take a second to think about how you are going to continue packing.
If you feel like you are falling behind you schedule, you can do the following to fix this:

  • Increase your packing efforts.
  • Get help from your close friends.
  • Get professional movers to pack the items that you really can’t pack on your own.

Its very common that when we move we forget some kitchen items behind. Make sure that you pack what’s left of your kitchenware. Leave the absolute necessary kitchen items out.

We recommend leaving your microwave out for the day before you move. Pack your clothing, leaving a few clothes aside for the next few days. Pack all you medicines that you do not need on a daily basis. If any of your furniture needs to be dismantled, make sure you do this now as it will become a hassle on the day you have to move. Consult Execu Move for professional packers for any help with furniture.

2 Days Before Your Move
This is the very important phase in your packing timeline. Your packing should basically be done, with very minimal things that need to be packed for the move. If you have not yet finished packing up your house, we strongly recommend you call in the professionals.

Most of your electronics should be packed up already in padded boxes for protection. Bathroom items will need to be packed now.
Have a box put aside, where you pack all of your absolute essentials. This is a box you can keep with you throughout your move.
Take a last stroll around your house exploring every corner and ledge, making sure that you have all miscellaneous items that were lying around.

The big day has finally arrived much faster than you have expected.

You should not have left anything big to be packed for the moving day. Keep and open box at your side throughout the day to put any unseen items in that you may have missed.

Your packing timeline/checklist should have come to an end and it will have helped you organize the process.

Bonus Tips

  • Each moving scenario is different, only you will know what will work.
  • Don’t lose focus while packing. (Especially on moving day)
  • If you are not sure when to start packing, just remember, the earlier the better.
  • Its recommended to start packing immediately after your move has been confirmed.
  • One of the biggest mistakes is to underestimate time it takes to pack your home.
  • Start your packing process by starting with storage cupboards, basements, garage, tool shed, attic first.
  • Keep your valuables with you at all times.

Make sure you take a good look around and assess your pre-move seriously. If you cannot do packing or moving on your own, contact Execu Move. That’s why we are here!

Let the packing begin!

Here at Execu-Move our first priority is helping our clients move with peace of mind and knowing their furniture & possessions are in safe hands. We are proud of the fact we have be voted #1 Furniture Removal Company in South Africa on HelloPeter, if you are planning on moving please feel free to contact us for a No Obligation Furniture Removal Quote.

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