Moving Overseas? Here’s how to make it a smooth and carefree process

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Are you moving or planning to move overseas? There are numerous benefits to moving to a new country and even a new continent. IT gives you a chance to experience new cultures, establish new contacts, make new friends, ensure your kids learn new languages while they are still young and and their brains are still developing, and the opportunity to advance your career.

Whether you’re being transferred through your company or you’re taking your business on the road with you and you can be completely location independent, you’ll be doing something that others can only dream of doing, that is why we recommend that you get the utmost out of the experience.

While moving in general can a stressful and tricky task, moving to a brand new country comes with its own list of things to consider. First of all, you’ll need to either sell or rent out your house, get your mail forwarded on to the new address, get people to look after your pets if they are unable to move with you, and much more.

We have created a list of some ways to make sure your move overseas is smooth and carefree:

The early bird catches the worm

Everyone knows that its better to do things sooner rather than later, So why do so many of us leave things until the last minute? The key thing to ensuring that the moving process goes as easily and smooth as possible, is getting organised early. As soon as you confirm your moving dates, you can begin getting things sorted, if not sooner.

While it is nice to be in control of the move, there is no reason why you should need to do everything yourself. If you are moving with your family, let them do their part to contribute to the move. Get a calendar and count how many weekend you have before you leave. Each weekend should have a specific task, such as “Get the animals sorted”, “Get extra bedding” or “Organise the movers”. This will insure that by the time you need to leave you will have all the hard tasks completed already.

Only take the essentials

It’s amazing how much junk you accumulate over the years. However, rather get rid of the things you don’t need than take them overseas with you only to throw them out a few years later. Everyone has clothes they never wear, and kids are bound to have stuffed animals, toys, just waiting to be given to someone who will actually use them.

A yard sale can be a good way to get rid of this stuff, otherwise you can list your more expensive items online, or take them to your local hospice. If you know you are going for a long tie, you may want to get rid of your kitchenware, furniture and everything else that is not making the trip with you. And anything you can’t or are struggling to sell would be very welcome at a homeless shelter or woman’s refuge.

Ship your things

Airlines charge a lot of money for baggage, so you will only want to take the bare basics with you on the plane, the lighter the better. For this reason, we recommend that you organise a shipping company that can safely get you things to your new location.

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