international furniture removalsExecu-Move’s International Removal service can help you with moving overseas. We have a global network to help you relocate internationally with confidence.

The ultimate long distance move is relocation to another country. Emigration is complicated and stressful and certainly not the time to take a risk. We are experienced in every aspect of International Moves and offer complete moving solutions for your convenience and peace of mind.

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Execu-move allows you to choose your own method of shipment and provides a Worldwide Door-to-Door service which includes:

  • Full packing and wrapping at origin
  • Packing under customs supervision (where necessary)
  • Customs clearance through both origin and destination customs department
  • Ocean freight
  • Steam cleaning (where necessary)
  • Fumigation (where necessary)
  • Delivery to your new residence overseas
  • Unpacking, position and placing of furniture in your new home overseas.
  • Removal of cartons and debris
  • Household effects and cars can be shipped to any destination in the world in large metal containers shipped per container vessels.


There are three different size containers:

  • 20ft (6 meter) container with a volume of approx. 30M3 (1050 cubic feet)
  • 40 ft (12 meter) container with a volume of approx. 2200 cubic feet
  • 40 ft High Cube container with a volume of approx.  2600 cubic feet


If your possessions occupy a whole container, (this is classed as a FCL – full container load) you can watch the container being packed, locked and sealed at your residence.

The lock and seal is only broken at your new residence (as long as it is not stopped for customs examination).

Execu-move will pack and wrap your effects over a 2 day period. This includes the loading of the 20 foot (6 meter) container. 40 foot containers take between 3 and 4 days.

Note: All containers to Australia and New Zealand are stopped and quarantine inspected at the premises of our overseas agent. The contents are then reloaded into a vehicle and delivered to your new home. The container can go directly to your front door at almost all other overseas destinations, provided there is easy access to your new residence.


(Share a load or part loads)

Should your effects not be enough to fill a container, or you elect to take only specified items, shipment can be effected in a Groupage container (several people’s effects share the same container). With groupage consignments, we pack and wrap your effects and transfer it to our warehouse.

The container is dispatched to the harbour for shipment only once there is enough freight to fill the container. This method is cheaper but it will take longer for your effects to reach their destination overseas. We do not charge you for storage during this period.

No, we will not mix your goods with that of someone else. Apart from clear marking of items with your name and an item number, we also use colour coding for ease of identification.


(for shipment)

Execu-move can ship your car or motor cycle to any place in the world, subject to the Customs Laws of the destination country. Shipping from South Africa is mostly done in a shipping container.

The vehicle is driven into the container and secured to the floor. A customized case is build around the vehicle to enable us to use the rest of the space in the container for packing of household and personal effects if required.

Execu-move will provide you with updated Customs rules and regulations applicable to the Country of destination, prior to shipment.


(Inbound destination services of Used Household and Personal Effects)

  • Migrants
    Household and personal effects may be imported into South Africa and Execu-Move is qualified to assist you with bringing your effects into the country. Our Import Division will assist you with the completion of all Custom documentation for clearance and will liaise with the Department of Customs and Excise, on your behalf. Once released by Customs, Execu-move will collect the container from the harbour, transport it to your new residence and arrange for the unpacking of the contents, placing it in position, removing the debris and returning the container to the shipping line. All documents are required a minimum of 10 working days before arrival of a vessel in Cape Town.
  • Importing Motor Vehicles
    There are rules and regulations pertaining to importing motor vehicles and you should never ship a vehicle without first obtaining permission from the South African Authorities. The details of the car and shipper’s status should be provided to enable us to advise you on the steps to take prior to shipment.
  • Foreign Diplomats
    A signed and authorized diplomatic Certificate must be lodged with Customs together with proof of value of the items imported.
  • Cats, Dogs and Birds
    Rabies Vaccination Certificates, Health Certificates and Import Certificates are required for pets traveling from overseas to South Africa.These certificates are provided prior to the departure of the pet from its home so that upon arrival in South Africa the pet can be custom cleared and taken direct to its new home without any added delay or stress.We use the services of highly skilled and professional organisations to ensure that all Government regulations and laws are met.

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