bannerMoving Pets in and around South Africa can be difficult. Your pet is your best friend and companion and because you love them and their loyalty needs to be appreciated, they deserve the best. No matter how old, big or small, Execu-move will ensure that your pets enjoy a smooth, comfortable journey to their new home, domestic or overseas.


Although slightly more expensive, it is the safest, smoothest and most comfortable mode of travel for your pets.

Execu-move will employ a professional Pet Travel Agent to provide the best care throughout the journey.

Custom-made containers are used to provide maximum safety, space and ventilation for your pet.



  • It is advisable to keep your pets out of packing boxes and away from all moving activity on the removal day so that they do not get stressed.
  • Please ensure that your pet’s medical records are up to date and take these with you.
  • Plan pet transport long ahead of the moving day.
  • It will be less traumatic if your pets can be collected a day before the move.
  • EXECU-MOVE undertakes NEVER to transport your pets in their vehicles, as it is unsafe, cruel, uncomfortable and totally unprofessional. 
    There have been many incidents where a favourite pet has lost its life because of heat exhaustion while traveling in a trailer on a long distance trip. We seriously appeal to all pet owners to ensure that their pets are NOT transported in the long distance removal vehicle
  • Why not make their trip more comfortable by including their favourite toy or blanket. It will create a feeling of security.
  • We suggest that you allow your pet to become accustomed to eating or sleeping in the container it will be moving in, for a few days prior to the trip.
  • If you drive and your pets travel with you, please harness them for their own safety. If you stop for a meal, take your pets with you as the temperature in a closed vehicle during summer can be fatal.