These are the top suburbs in Australia that South Africans are emigrating to

In honor of “Mandela Day,” the Australian Bureau of Statistics has unveiled migration data revealing the top suburbs across the country attracting South African expats.

Leading the way is St Ives in New South Wales, which boasts the highest concentration of South Africans in the region, with an impressive community of 1,310 expats residing there.

Following closely behind is Baldivis in Western Australia, where 1,029 South Africans have found their new home.

Australia has become an immensely popular destination for South African expatriates due to its similar climate and cultural ties as a Commonwealth nation (former, in South Africa’s case).

The country has significantly benefited from this influx of skilled professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and top CEOs from South Africa, many of whom now call Australia their home. According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, as of June 2021, the number of South African-born individuals living in Australia reached 201,930, a substantial 25% increase from the figure recorded in June 2011 (161,590).

This places the South African-born community as the seventh largest migrant group in Australia, comprising 2.7% of the country’s overseas-born population and 0.8% of its total population.

The median age of South African-born migrants in Australia is 45.1 years, which is 6.9 years higher than that of the general population. Additionally, females slightly outnumber males, constituting 50.4% of the community compared to 49.6%.

Australia’s permanent Migration Program encompasses economic and family migration and serves as the primary pathway to obtaining permanent residence. This program includes the Skill stream, Family stream, and Special Eligibility visas, while humanitarian grounds provide an alternative avenue for permanent residency.

Over the period between 2018 and 2022, more than 14,400 South Africans have been granted permanent residency in Australia, according to the Department of Home Affairs.

A significant number of South Africans have secured resident status through skill visas, bringing key talents to the country in various fields, including auditors, accountants, occupational therapists, mechanics, ICT professionals, veterinarians, engineers, software developers, teachers, and electricians.

Here are some of the top hotspots for South African expats in each territory:

  • New South Wales, St Ives – 1,310
  • Western Australia, Baldivis – 1,029
  • Victoria, Point Cook – 950
  • Queensland, North Lakes – 822
  • South Australia, Hallett Cove – 270
  • Tasmania, Kingston – 127
  • Australian Capital Territory, Nichols – 85
  • Northern Territory, Darwin City – 39

The ABS emphasizes that these numbers are based on the place of usual residence, excluding overseas visitors, and utilize data from the 2021 census.


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