There are a lot of thing you need to do when moving overseas, That is why we have create an easy to use checklist that details everything you need to consider before you pack up everything and move overseas. This list is a very basic list of things that need to be completed prior to your move, however it is important to not that not all point will be relevant to your type of move.

When preparing to move overseas, one of the most important things to consider is the layout of the new house. This will help when it comes time to unpacking and ensure that the transition to the new country is even smoother, and to also help avoid being homesick.




Important documentation for moving overseas

Below is a list of the basic documentation that you will need for an overseas move:

  • Passport
    • This is by far the most important travel document that you will have. It is advised that you carry it on you at all times when traveling and make sure that It’s valid and won’t expire prior to you overseas move.
    • Infants and children need to have their own individual passport issued through the government.  TO make you move easier, make sure that your passport will not expire within six months of the date that you plane to move.
  • Work Visa
    • The second, yet equally important, item on your moving list is your work visa. This document is required in order for you to work in another country. Before moving to any new country, we strongly advise that you check their individual visa requirements, in order to submit the necessary paperwork in advance.
    • Some countries require that your new employer verifies you as an employee before a work permit can be granted.


Last but not least, here is a list of research and verifications that you will need to do, prior to your move, to ensure a smooth transition into the new country:

  • Schedule an international removals company to move belongings overseas, or ship vehicle.
  • Research transportation in the new country
    • Find out if you need a specific drivers licence for the country.
    • Find out about public transport.
  • Research schools in your area for the children
  • Try and enroll them in you can.
  • Take current school records for your children in case they need transferring.
  • Verify medical information for each family member
  • Check requirements for pet entry to another country – link to pet blog
  • Confirm banking arrangements
  • Confirm travel insurance and coverage
  • Notify change of address for bills and local businesses.
  • Enrol in language courses, in necessary.

Here at Execu-move we understand that moving overseas is a very stressful thing for any family to go through. That is why we offer a wide range of services to help your family get to your new location hassle free. We offer a worldwide door-to-door moving service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free no obligations quote on 021 931 6999.

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