Packing yourself vs. Hiring a Professional Packing Company

When planning a move, most families often wonder: Should we pack our belongings ourselves and save money, or should we hire a Professional Moving Company for the task?

Packing yourself may save you money… But it may land up costing you more in the long run. Your time is extremely valuable; why spend hours packing all of your items when Professional movers are experienced to safely do it for you? Not only are you putting your possessions at greater risk of damage during your move, but you you land up with unnecessary stress that could have been avoided if Movers were hired.

execu-move-logoProfessional movers have the expertise and materials to best protect your possessions, and their trained professionals have the tools and know-how that ensures a good move and that both you and your possessions arrive at your destination stress free.

There is no doubt that Time is Money. So Hiring a professional mover eliminates one of the biggest sources of stress for relocating families –PACKING– And this will save you dozens of hours before moving day.

When hiring a professional moving company, consider the follow tips:

Be sure to schedule a packing date with your moving company – at least a day or two before the moving truck is scheduled to arrive.

Ask your mover if they provide packing services. If you are able to hire your moving company to pack your boxes as well, you could be hitting two birds with one stone and saving money at the same time. Some Moving companies are a One-Stop-Moving-Shop and provide discounts for getting the full package.

Be present as all your items are packed. Your moving company should work with you to create an inventory of your goods, and it’s important that you know what is in which box before signing the inventory. Make sure all copies are legible and all boxes are properly sealed and identified. Some appliances may require servicing prior to the move. Arrange with the supplier or an electrician to ensure that these items are prepared to prevent damage during transit.

Ask your mover what boxes and containers they offer for sale. Buying from your mover usually saves money, and the quality is better than the cardboard boxes purchased from the grocery store. The mover will also be able to provide an estimate of the number and types of boxes you need to buy specifically for your move.

If you decide to pack some of your items yourself, it is never too soon to start. It is important that you know, that moving companies will not accept liability for any damage to items packed by the owners.

If you decide to do decide to do the packing yourself, consider the following tips:

Pack breakable or fragile items in sturdy boxes with strong packing tape. Remember, these items must travel with the rest of your household goods.

Use crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap to protect items from damage.

Remember to pack heavy items into smaller cartons and fill big cartons with lighter items and smalls. Fill cartons to the top, but do not over-fill. 

hello-peter-truckWhen planning a big move, it’s important to consider all of your options. But soon enough, you’ll probably realize that it is both cost effective and safer to have a professional mover handle all of your packing needs.

For highly trained professional removalists in South Africa, contact Execu-move, we pack and move your possessions with skill and care.

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