Planning on Moving Overseas, here’s how!

Let’s say you’ve always dreamed of living in a foreign country. Now you are Planning on Moving Overseas and not sure where and how to start…

It is therefore important to anticipate and plan your overseas move and one of the most important aspects will be choosing your mover.

Planning on Moving Overseas, here’s how!

Your mover must have experience and expertise in all aspects of Moving Overseas and should have fully trained and experienced staff to help you make a success of your move. They should provide you with your personal move co-coordinator which means that you will have a single point of contact within the Company and their communication skills and service levels should be of the highest standard. Your personal co-ordinator must oversee your removal and monitor it from your fist call until final delivery at your new destination.

They should provide amongst other things, fully trained, skilled and professional packing crews to carefully pack and protect your valuable possessions to eliminate or minimize the chance of damage. Custom made multi-ply cartons, and packing materials should be used. Please do not do your own packing as most Countries are becoming more security conscious and might insist on full customs examination to verify the contents of owner packed cartons.

As testimony and to prove that at Execu-Move we provide service Excellence, we invite you to visit the consumer forum HelloPeter, – a forum designed specifically to castigate poor service. Although impossible to have a 100% success rate in this challenging business of moving fragile household effects Worldwide, we are proud to enjoy a 93% happy customer “dashboard” as voted by our Customers – something that no other removal company can equal or compare to. You don’t have to be the biggest to be the best.

Before the Move:

Request the International Removal Company to visit your home to view your furniture and its contents and to provide you with an all –inclusive door to door price. Tell them to explain fully, all the inclusion and exclusions and re-iterate that you do not want any surprises. They should inform you of items which should not be included i.e. flammable substances, gas bottles, turpentine, foodstuffs, weapons, jewellery etc. and you should inform them of antiques, high value items such as paintings, clocks, marble tops, which might require additional packing or crating. If you intend buying extra items, inform them to enable them to include same in your quotation.

Discuss with them the transportation and quarantine requirement for your Pets.

Have you arranged the Following?

Cancellation of Newspaper delivery, Telephone services, Gas and Electricity, Water, Cable TV?

  • Draw up plan for positioning of furniture at new home
  • Defrost your refrigerator
  • Have your washing machine, dryer, dish washer prepared for transportation as per the manufacturer’s guideline.
  • Arrange for disposal of unwanted furniture, items
  • Dispose of old medicines,
  • Return any borrowed items
  • Drain fuel from lamps, lawn mowers etc.
  • Put aside valuable items, money, air tickets, passports and documentation.

Your Quotation:

A normal International Moving quotation should state all inclusions and exclusions and should include the following:

Full export packing, , Transportation to Port, Export documentation, Ocean Freight to Destination, Harbour fees and Terminal Handling Fees, Normal Customs clearance charges at Destination. One delivery to residence, up to 1st floor.   Unpacking, settling up and removal of Debris and packing materials on day.   Delivery and return of the Steel container to Harbour.

Quotations normally exclude the following: Custom Examinations, X-Ray charges, Quarantine examination, Custom duties and taxes, demurrage, storage, warehouse handling at destination, inadequate access to affect delivery, shuttle service required for long carry, Parking fees, Handling of extra heavy items e.g. Pianos, safes etc. Dismantling and assembling of modular furniture requiring specialist tools, fumigation services, Liability for damage and or losses.


You cannot pack up and move to a new Country to live there unless you have obtained the necessary authorisation and documentation to do so.

Your remover should be able to guide you through the documentation required at destination, but it remains your responsibility to obtain full custom rules and regulations from your Embassy or Consulate prior to moving.

Liability of Carrier:

Most Removal Companies limit their liability but can offer full liability cover for the journey. It is important that all items are included when completing the Liability Application form and remember to obtain the replacement value at destination. Only items indicated on the Liability application form will be covered.

Custom Clearance at Destination:

Immediately upon arrival in your Country of destination contact your Destination agent and inform him of your contact details, telephone or mobile numbers, fax and e-mail addresses. They will assist you with the completion of any final Customs documentation and will arrange for customs clearance of your consignment.

Delivery to your new Destination

After customs clearance, your container will be transported to your new residence and all items will be offloaded, unwrapped and placed in their correct rooms.  This does not apply to shipments to Australia and New-Zealand, where your container will be offloaded at a Customs facility or the Agents warehouse for inspection by Quarantine and Customs, where after it will be re-loaded into a domestic vehicle and delivered to your home.   Fragile and smalls will be unpacked and left on flat surfaces and will not be placed inside of cupboards or drawers by the packing crews.

All packing material and debris will be removed from your home.

Ensure that you check that all items are delivered by ticking if off on your copy inventory which was compiled at the time of loading your furniture at origin. In the event of damage ensure that you endorse the delivery note accordingly and verbally inform the delivery agent of damage. Request a claim form and after obtaining written quotations for repairs forward the claim form and repair quotations to either your destination agent or the address indicated on the claims documentation.


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